God will Strengthen Your Heart!

Psalm 73: 26: ‘My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and strength of my heart and my portion forever.’

God is Strength of Your Heart - Bible, Thorns, Heart

One chase a thousand and two put ten thousands to flight. The chase is over, the time of standing and commanding is coming. Because I am your Rock, the Rock of your salvation, you have enough of My power to remove all the obstacles which are on your way bothering you to move forward. By your command they will flee. I will give you a strategy how to. I am training you, I am directing you, I am maneuvering you. The sharpness of your visions, dreams are being restored. You will see into the future, you will see the past and you will see the present.  Will obstacles try to come back? Yes, but you will not be taken by surprise. You will be fully ready and prepared. And when you feel you cannot do it by yourself, remember I Am your God of Angel Armies, the Warrior Who is by your side. No need to chase them, but YOU put them to flight. So, STAND FIRM on the Rock, the Rock of your salvation. Believe in your miracle. BELIEVE! And I will strengthen your heart, and strengthen the whole – YOU.

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