Hebrew Letter Aleph – What Does it Mean?

In the Hebrew alphabet, there are 22 letters. Each letter has got its own story and that story is unending. The more you study Hebrew letters, the more you understand that God’s design is unfathomable and without measure. 

Hebrew Letter Aleph - Meaning

The Hebrew Letter Aleph – Three in One

The Aleph does not stand on its own. It consists of 3 letters: an upper and lower Yud and Vav. God speaks to us through Aleph that He or Yah is One, but has three personalities: Av or Father, Yeshua and the Spirit of God or Ruach Ha Kodesh. The Aleph talks about the Oneness of the Creator Who is Good, upright and perfect.

Introduction to the Letter Yud

Yud ( י ) is the smallest letter in the Hebrew letter. In gematria, Yud signifies the number 10. In pictograph, it looks like an Arm or a Hand Hebrew Letter Yud Pictograph, and it represents “work” or “deed”. That’s what we do with our hands! We do the work. 

In Deuteronomy 28:12 the Lord said that if His people follow Him, He is going to open the heavens, the storehouse of His bounty and send rain on their land in season and bless ALL the work of their hands.

The upper Yud is the hand of our Father Who is working on our behalf and reaching out to us. He desires to bless us. The lower Yud is the hand of the Holy Spirit Who is sent to the earth to be our Helper, Comforter, Intercessor, Straightener, Counselor. 

Also, the lower Yud is our hand. We are created in Christ Jesus for good works. There are many passages in the Bible telling us not to be lazy but to work with our hands. The Lord told Adam to cultivate and keep the garden of Eden. If there was work to do in Eden, then there’s work to do now. 

He works with His hands and we work with our hands. We are in it together, the Lord and us. We are His workmanship, the Bible says. God’s desire for us is to fulfil the destiny He has given each of us. The Lord wants to show His work to us and establish the work of our hands for us, making all our efforts successful. 

As we continue building God’s Kingdom for His glory here on this earth, the Lord has promised to bless us abundantly.

Some of you have not discovered your true potential yet. Maybe you have a good job and they pay you well, but there is always room for more. The letter Aleph is saying to us that there is more. It’s up to us if we want to go for it or not. We can stay and be satisfied where we are right now. But don’t you want to experience greater things?

Introduction to the Letter Vav

The Letter Vav ( ו ) represents the number 6, the number of a man. In the pictograph, it looks like a nail or a hook (Vav - Hook). The number Vav is the connector. It connects and shapes the letters. The meaning of this letter is to ADD something or to SECURE. 

The letter Vav speaks about Jesus Who came to the earth, became a human being, nailed to the Cross or crucified outside Jerusalem, to redeem us and set us free from the kingdom of darkness and bring us to the light, to the truth. 

Jesus is our Connector. Just think for a moment – YOU ARE JOINED to JESUS! Christ has connected you to God the Father. Isn’t it incredible? That’s why the letter Vav is the Connector. It Connects us to God.

There is nothing to add to our Salvation. “It is finished”, Jesus cried out. The astonishing work of Yeshua was finished and it is available to every human being. 

Aleph is Strength 

In the pictograph, the letter Aleph looks like an ox head. 

In earlier days, people used oxen to plough their fields. The ox is a strong animal to do that kind of job. Yes, it could be quite tough to plough but “plouging” is leading us to great benefits.

1. It brings fresh nutrients to the surface and at the same time weeds remain to decay. 

That’s God’s desire for all of us. He wants to bring fresh nutrients of His Word into our lives. We don’t live by bread alone, Jesus said. But by every Word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4) That’s why ploughing the field in our hearts is necessary for finding a vibrant, abundant life in Christ. 

2. It brings the harvest.

Animal Ox

The ox is the harvesting animal. In Proverbs 14:4 it says, “Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” You might think your life is clean and everything is fine. But an empty stable is only when there is nothing or no one in the stable. If we want to see an abundant harvest, we need the work of an ox. 

Maybe your life in a mess and you feel there is not enough time to clean up. Maybe you pushed your anger, frustration deep down inside of you. You should not be discouraged but take courage and not let you hands be weak. 

During the ploughing times or when the Lord starts His work in us, we will see the weeds of our old habits coming to the surface. It looks like we are in a mess and because of this some of us have given up to clean that mess and some just ignored that mess. 

But the Lord is encouraging us not to be disheartened. Starting is not always pleasant and it could be hard. But we need to be patient, like an ox and continue ploughing. The Lord has promised to give us strength and He will put His finishing touches. God will supply every need of yours with abundant seed. You will see the multiplication of the seed as you sow it and you will celebrate the festival of the Harvest.

The Significance of the Number 111

Many people are saying that they see those 3 numbers in a vision or dream – 111. Have you ever seen a dream with 111? 

Do you know that in Aleph there is a hidden numerical value of 111?

Let’s look at it:

Aleph consists of 3 letters: Aleph, Lamed and Pey or Pey Sofit (at the end of the word).

The numerical values of these letters are: 

  • Aleph – 1
  • Lamed – 30
  • Pey – 80

Are you amazed? God Who was in the Beginning is steering you and speaking things into existence. When the Lord is showing you 111, God is talking to you about His strength, being the Connector, the Provider, the Protector Who is steering the Sheep.

The Lord reveals us 111 when we are a heavy burden and do not have the strength to carry on (Matthew: 28-30). He speaks to us when we are on the verge of giving up. 

Maybe you feel like this today and you are searching for answers. Jesus is saying to you, “Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear.” (TPT)

The Significance of the Number 26

As I said earlier, Aleph is formed of two Yuds and Vav. There is another numerical value of those 4 letters.

  • Yud – 10
  • Yud -10
  • Vav – 6

The word YHVH or God also has got the numerical value of 26.

  • Yud – 10
  • Hey – 5
  • Vav – 6
  • Hey – 5

Final Thoughts

Aleph speaks about strength, power, authority, leadership. It connects you to the Father. It reveals to you Av or our Abba. It shows you that you are not alone on earth. Our Abba Who is in heaven is working on your behalf. The Holy Spirit Who is your Advocate helps you and is with you forever. Yeshua Who died for all us, cleansed you, made you holy and right with God. 

God shows you the number Aleph in a vision or a dream when you are going through lonely places or when you feel that your life is in a mess. He is encouraging you to continue moving forward because the Festival of the Harvest is approaching. 

Do not look back. Do not beat yourself up for your mistakes. The Blood of Yeshua covers all afflictions, diseases, sin, unrighteousness. The Lord will give power to the weak and to the powerless. You shall overcome and see the Harvest because the Spirit Who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. (1 John 4:4).

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5 thoughts on “Hebrew Letter Aleph – What Does it Mean?”

  1. Blessings, Loved the revelation about this article. I have a question of where can I study the Hebrew words meaning. I am very passionate about Hebrew and in What Abba want to talk through words in Hebrew. any guidance will be appreciated in this matter.
    Thank you and God bless you.

    • Hi Belinda,

      Great to hear the article was helpful.

      In my opinion there is no book which can give you some depth, except the New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive concordance of the Bible. It’s the latest version and available on Amazon too. The Hebrew words are very accurate.

      Do not waste your money on other books. You will be disappointed and they can bring some confusion too.
      Thankfully we had a Hebrew scholar – we studied with him three-consonant Biblical root words that contained the essence of the words’ meaning. It widened our understanding. I have not met anyone who is as thorough as him.

      You can also find the words free of charge on biblehub dot com. There is the Hebrew Strong’s concordance there, but not as expanded as in the latest book I mentioned earlier.

      Hope that was helpful.


  2. I had a supernatural event occur one night with this symbol. I was standing in my bedroom and I felt drops of what I thought was water hit my head, I looked up and saw nothing. Then I took the cover off the “cat stairs” to wash and on the bottom of stairs was this symbol that is still there today. It looked like it was marked by water or oil or mix of both. I could not believe my eyes. What could this mean?


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