Come out of the Wilderness of Depression

You are coming out of the Wilderness of Depression. You’ve stayed there for too long. The Lord is leading you out.

Before to release the Word, I saw you writing the word, “Help!” I feel you’ve had quite a tough life lately, which led you to depression. You have tried many ways to be released from your depressing situation, asking others to help you, and you have come to the point that there is no one else, but only Jesus who could help you out of the disaster you are right in.

Psalm 34:17 it says, “Is anyone crying for help? God is listening, ready to rescue you.” (MSG) You have been heard by God. He has heard the cry of your heart and is ready to rescue you.

Come out of the Wilderness of Depression

Prophetic Word:

That’s what the Father says,

“If it’s not Me, then Who? Who will be able to rebuild your life that you could start over again? If it’s not Me, then Who? Who will be able to bring you back to the place called ‘freedom’? If it’s not Me, then Who? Who will be able to take care of you as I do? If it’s not Me, then Who? Who will be able to bring you out of ‘wilderness of depression’ to the place called ‘happiness and plenty’? Show Me the one, is there anyone who will be able to do that? Look around and you will find no one who would say, “I know how.” Why? Not because they are not willing, but because they can’t.

I am calling you and saying to you, ‘Arise! Arise to your new life. You were in the ‘wilderness of depression’ for a long time. Arise from your spiritual depression, and enter into a new life, which only I can give you. I am your new life! I am the Resurrection and the Life. I am going to resurrect your dreams and visions, and I am bringing my promises to life.

Come out of the Wilderness of Depression God will Rescue You

I am giving you a crown of beauty instead of ashes, and I am surrounding you with joyous blessings instead of mourning. Mourning and depression will flee. They won’t stay in the presence of the Almighty. Joy will come! Your heart will be filled with Joy, My Joy!

I am not only going to Resurrect your joy, your dreams and bring My promises to life, but I am going to do a spring clean in your life, a good clean-up is going to happen. I will take all the clatter in your mind, and will remove them far away from you. You will shine, and My glory and brilliance will rise upon you.

And not only that, the dust will be shaken off of you, and chains of depression will be broken around your neck. Nothing is going to hold you back. No one can put chains back on you. You will walk in complete freedom. You are free!

Arise! And I say again to you, “Arise!” Keep your head up, and your eyes straight ahead. Guard your heart above all else. Keep moving. Keep walking. I will strengthen each step you take. With each step, you will become stronger. And always remember that you are not alone on this journey. I am with you, and I will protect you. ”

Put your hope in God! Praise Him! Think about good things: “I am important. I am wanted. I am significant. God loves me, therefore I am lovable.” When bad thoughts try to enter your mind, refuse to dwell on them. Let your focus be on the Word of God, and God’s promises for you. Write His promises on a paper, or on your mobile device. Keep them always with you. The Lord is always with you.

Do not be discouraged, you are coming out of the wilderness of depression. Jesus is coming to your rescue and saying to you, “Arise!”

If this word has helped you, or you have a testimony to share how you went through a time of depression and God helped you and set you free, please share in the comment below.

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