Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Stand Firm Against the Giant

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Haly Ministries

Stand firm and confront the giant which is harassing you day and night. Are you going to be like Saul, trusting in your weapons, in your silence or are you going to be like David, trusting in Me and My Word? My Word says, “I will deliver you.”  TODAY I will deliver that giant into your hands. TODAY the giant will be stricken down. My battle is to deliver the giant into your hands. Your battle is to resist the giant. Do not make excuses. Do not soften up, but toughen up. This is not a time for a gentle whisper talk. You need to be loud and utter a shout. Raise a war cry! Stand firm against him and watch him flee.  

So many times worship was used in the battle. The walls of Jericho collapsed when the trumpets sounded and the army shouted. I know that you can do the same. The world trusts in weapons, but My people know that the Lord saves! I am the only One who can save you and put an end to your giant. Would you like to hear your Father’s advise who is interested in your life adventure?  Prepare your heart and mind for action! Stay alert and fix your hope firmly on the gracious salvation that is coming to you! Do not listen to your opposition. Do not be shaken by world events. Do not meditate on the world news of this age. Meditate on My solid food. My word is the only authority and the only book which will give you success in life and uplift you when you feel weak. 

So, do not shake with fear, but shake that fear off!  I will help you. I will sustain you and I will deliver you!

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