Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Heaven Celebrates Your Independence Day

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Haly Ministries

There is a celebration of Independence Day in Heaven every day. My children walked in darkness and then there was Light. Every day we celebrate with the one who is born of God, who received Me and believed in Me. 

I will never forget that day when you cried out to Me for help. It is in My heart and in the book of remembrance. The Light shone so bright that you could not resist but with curiosity came to see the Light. Former days were not kind to you. You were struggling, you were doing your best to keep your head above the water. There were times you felt you could not continue. Inside there was brokenness. You went through many battles. You were searching for that Light, wanted to be free, but the enemy of your soul did not want to give up. There were many trials you went through, many disappointments. You thought, “Here it is, that light I was searching for.” But it did not bring you joy, did not heal your scars. Your wound was incurable and your injury was serious. You tried to be dependent, dependent on yourself. You thought you could manage. You were a warrior, but a wounded one. Then one day you realised you could not carry on, you could not continue. And you cried out, you cried out to Me for help. Then… ‘I heard’. I heard the cry of your heart. I heard you saying, “God if you exist,  come and help me. I cannot carry this heaviness any longer, deliver me. Help me. Come, live in Me. Be My God.” And I came… I came with healing oil and bandaged up your wounds, pouring healing oil on them. From that day, everything changed, the restoration had begun. 

That Day was your Independence Day. You became independent from the tyranny of the oppressor. You were carrying iniquities, sins, and it all changed in a moment of time. You realised that My Son took care of them. You did not need to carry them. You were forgiven, loved, accepted, adored by your Father. The Heavens broke into dance! There was a great celebration with a loud sound, and all were singing, “Praise be to God! He saves people! Praise be to God! He is great”. What a great celebration! Those who prayed for you, who did not see your salvation here on the earth, and departed into glory – they were dancing, shouting, singing, rejoicing. What a Day! It was quiet for you, but not for us! 

It was for freedom that My Son set you free! Stay in your freedom! Do not let anyone again put a yoke of slavery on you. You are FREE – VALUE that!

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