Prophetic Word for May 2019 – Supernatural Provision

God is going to provide for you supernaturally. He will open the doors to supernatural blessings and Provision. Do you need healing? God will touch your body, soul, mind, spirit and supernaturally heal you. Do you need finances? God will supernaturally provide and give you what you need and above.

A two days ago I was in the park praying, and while I was doing that, God started giving me the message and I heard Him saying to go Live on Youtube and tell people what was on His heart. I did that, and named it Completion! Blessing! Rest! 777!

I named it 777, because in the evening, before going home and go Live, I summed up money coming in, and the subtotal was 777. Through the number 7, God confirms He is going to complete His Word over your life. He will complete it and He will perfect it.

After giving me 777,  my friend and I spoke on Skype. We live in different countries and sometimes it is not easy to have the time slot when we are both free. But we made it. When I spoke to her, I told her what happened that late evening. Then she started telling her life story. She was on the bus 7. Here it is, 7 again! And she was with her friend. My friend invited that girl to go and have ice cream. Of course, if you invite, then you pay.  But coming closer towards the shop, she realized she did not have money with her. She forgot it, and she felt so embarrassed. My friend invited her and supposed to pay, but it came up that her friend had to pay at the end for the whole thing.

On the way to the ice-cream shop my friend started explaining to her friend that she forgot money, then suddenly my friend’s dad was coming out of the ice-cream shop. He gave money for my friend’s ice-cream, for her friend’s ice-cream. How could it be in a big city with millions? It is possible with God.

This describes where you are now.  You feel you are empty-handed. There is nothing in your purse and there is nothing to offer, but the Lord supernaturally is going to provide. He is the Provider and He is coming out to meet you and pay for your needs. And there will be leftover. He will bless you and He will bless those who are coming with you too.

The Scripture God wanted me to share with you is from 2 Kings 4:1-7. This is a story about a widow. Her husband, who was a prophet and known to Elisha died, and the widow was left out without money, and could not pay to her creditors. She had to take credits to pay for her needs.

Prophetic Word for May 2019 – Supernatural Provision

Then Elisha asked her what she had in the house? She answered had nothing but a jar of oil. He told her to go and borrow vessels from everywhere, from all her neighbours, and not just a few. Then he asked her to pour the oil into all those empty vessels. There was a supernatural provision coming from heaven. The oil was multiplying. She had a small jar of oil, and it multiplied to lots of vessels. Whatever they could find, all the vessels were filled. And when there was no an empty vessel left, the oil ceased.  Then Elijah told her to go and sell the oil, pay for her debt, and live on the rest.

I feel this Scripture is for this season of your life. And not just the season, but this is the best season of your life. God is going to provide for you and He will make sure His Word over your life is completed.

The Father says:

“Lay all your burdens down. There is nothing to fear. I am taking you from being broke to being prosperous. There are four seasons and they all come one after another. Your season is changing too. You are in the time of the year, when things you call ‘impossible’, will be ‘possible’, because I am stepping in and giving you My heavenly provision. This is not to grasp with your mind. It has to go beyond that. You cannot compare me with natural. I work in the supernatural realm. I will teach you to live and experience My supernatural Power in your life.

You stay faithful in small things. I am taking the small things, and creating a wide outburst of my blessings over you. You are going to be involved in the supernatural too. You will be the one who I am sending and I will give you My word and when you do what I say, the stores of the heavenly provision will be opened. There will be a famine over the land, but you will lack nothing.

You have to prepare yourself for the coming days. Do not waste a minute, but have the same frequency with My Kingdom. Stay tuned to My Kingdom’s sound wave. Listen to what I am saying, and obey. Go and do what I say. If you are serious about it, I am going to teach you what My Kingdom is all about. It is more than you think, it is more what you can imagine. It is more than what you’ve heard from someone. In the last days my people, and you included, will need more of My supernatural power and provision.

I will teach you how to walk in the power of the Spirit. Your life is going to be changed, and you will be the one who will change lives too. I will send you to the broke, and you will help them to break through that poverty mindset. But before I send you to others, I am breaking your poverty mindset. You will see differently. You will hear differently. You will be miles ahead of others.

Take heed to what I am saying. You are on the path of My Supernatural Provision and you are taking others there too.”

God amazes me all the time. I thought this word was going to be about your supernatural provision, but as Elisha was involved in the supernatural helping the widow and her sons to break that poverty mindset, and helped them to live life in abundance. God will do it through you too. He wants you to be the one who will bring supernatural power of God into the houses where there is lack . But what you are asked is to listen, go and do what the Father asks you to do. Do not waver. God will complete His Word over life Supernaturally!

Have you been blessed? If you have, please share what the Lord has highlighted to you through this message, or share your testimony in the comments below. Thank you.

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12 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for May 2019 – Supernatural Provision”

  1. Bless God for His Word Prophetess. I have prophesied a similar word for May, 2019 as well. God said, “The Blessing Is Here.” Amen. May God’s grace and peace continue to be with you.

    • Oh WOW! Thank you Petal! I even more encouraged seeing that we are in the same flow and move of the Holy Spirit!? Glory to God! I will read the word God has given you!?May the Lord continue encouraging His people through your ministry. Blessings.

  2. Amen, Praise God, I accept and receive this word and be it unto me according to your word Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.
    God bless you Haly.

    • Thank you Hepzibah Beulah Zion. Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20)

  3. Hi Haly
    Thank you for the prophetic word for May. I have been noticing sevens (7’s) since early April. Indeed the blessings have started and i am sure that their are more to come

    • Hi Kay,
      It’s so true, number 7 is still showing up. We are in the beginning of seeing something extraordinary. We need to look up, and believe! Not to see what is happening around us! God’s promises for us are ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!

  4. I receive this word from the Lord, I am in expectancy for every season knowing that He is faithful. I thank you for sharing this word. Bless you Haly

  5. Thank you! I believe this as 7777 keeps showing up! It is oftentimes hard to wait on our heavenly Father. Bless you much!

    • Hi Leslie, Thank you for sharing what is in your heart. And I love He showed you number 7 too 🙂 I agree, it is not easy to wait, but the Lord is faithful and He will get you there. May the Lord show His favour!


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