Prophetic Word for March 2019

The Change of the Season! Get Ready for Your Miracle!

I was at Prophetic Conference In January this year, there was a speaker who shared the vision he had. He saw nuggets of gold began to fall from Heaven, and the word: ‘Miracles!’

Get Ready for Your Miracle Coins of Gold
Get Ready for Your Miracle!

Then, this month, I had a dream, but it was more a vision to me. I was in a very spacious room and then I saw gold falling from heaven into huge transparent bags. It was not just a few pieces fall. There was so much of gold. It was so real. Then I heard an audible voice, saying my name, and I awoke. The presence of God was so strong in the room.

The Lord is going to shift the atmosphere in your life. As God brought Israelites out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble, sick among them. He will do it for you in this new season. (Psalm 105:37)

In Exodus 12:35-36, Israel had done according to the word of Moses, and they had asked from the Egyptians articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing. They had favour from Egyptians, for whatever they asked for, it was given to them.

This is a season to ask, and ask boldly. You will have favour from people, your boss… Whatever you need in this season, the heavens are opened and God’s blessings will come down on you.

Here is the Word from the Lord for March:

“I am the God your Provider. I cover all your needs. This time I want you to think not only on your level of how I can provide, but go beyond that level and come to My level. Start thinking how I think. There is no lack in My Kingdom. There is no feeble in My Kingdom. There is no sick in My Kingdom.

I came to this earth and was living the life of an ordinary man. I feel your pain, I feel your sorrow, I feel your anguish. BUT I had the plan, and you were in that plan. Your freedom is in that plan. Your healing is in that plan. Your riches are in that plan. I did not come just to save your soul, I came to give you freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from depression, freedom from sickness, freedom from poverty, freedom from insecurity, freedom from loneliness, freedom from all addictions. I am your Freedom.

Do not tell Me, you do not matter to me. That is a lie. Come to the realisation that who matters most, it is YOU. I have chosen YOU. You are MINE.

Past does not want to let you go and be free. Past is screaming at you, pointing how bad you are, reminding you of all your mistakes. If you stay there, you will never be free. I did not put you in ‘the naughty corner’.  You are not excluded. You are a part of My big family, and you are always invited to sit at My table, and enjoy all the benefits, blessings and good things which are prepared before you. They are there waiting for you. I am Kind, Merciful and I love to give. And to surprise you all, I am a Generous Giver. I do not give as this world gives, I give beyond measure. It is more than enough, and overflowing.

You’ve cried out to me to deliver you. I have delivered you. I have not only delivered you, but I have blessed you. I are already blessed. NOW, you need to take back what belongs to you and what was stolen from you. Come to My treasures which are stored and waiting for you.

The heavens are opened for My riches to be poured out upon this earth. I am multiplying your vision, I am multiplying your resources. I am supernaturally multiplying your finances. I am the King and you are My child, and what I have, belongs to you. Do not look at what this world can offer you, but look at what I have for you.”

So, get ready you are about to see something great. You are about to see the CHANGE of the SEASON! You are about to see your MIRACLE!

I hope you have watched February’s Prophetic Word . You will be able to see a bigger picture. One leads to another. If you have a testimony, prophetic word or what the Lord is doing in your life, please leave it in the comment below. I would live to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for March 2019”

  1. Thank you Haly! This prophetic word is so bold and full of faith! I’m ready to see my miracle from God as He has always been my Provider!!!!

    • Hi Iryna,
      Thank for leaving your comment. I am ready too. We need to realign with God’s Word for our lives. When God says it, it is Yes and Amen. Then we take an action in faith, and never give up. Perseverance in trusting God’s Word is the key.

  2. I just stumbled upon your page; although stumble is incorrect, as I was led by God. Your April prophetic word confirmed what the Lord has spoken to me. I had to smile as I read this word for March. My boyfriend is currently in military training, and through my gifts of prophecy, intercession, and discernment, although we cannot speak frequently, God leads me in how I should pray. This is what I felt impressed in my spirit several days ago. It reminded me so much of the word released here and serves as such a great reminder that God wants to do the same things in my own life. Thank you for this.

    “From Philippians 1:6 and somewhere in Thessalonians. God is semper fi, always faithful. The good work he began in your lives during basic, he is going to be faithful to complete that good work throughout ITB. And you are both walking on his path of life, as you live in obedience to him and fulfill this calling he has given you, he will be faithful to equip you with everything that you need to accomplish it – every ounce of peace, every bit of clarity, every alignment, rest and strength and understanding, finances, favor, new brothers, protection, EVERYTHING that you and your rackmate need to prosper throughout ITB, ASK and RECEIVE from your Father. ”

    • I am so glad you were led by the Holy Spirit to my website. It is great to connect with you and hear what the Lord is saying to you. We can learn from, and be encouraged by one another. And you’ve encouraged me. Thank you.
      I love the prophetic. It is like a steering wheel leading you to the right direction in prayer and intecession, where you are not hitting the wall, but heading to the right destination. It is like a map guide.
      At this NEW Season, God is multiplying your vision, resources, finances… because of His faithfulness towards you. He is faithful, and the completion of His GOOD Work in your life is sure. As you mentioned – ASK and RECEIVE, that’s so simple.
      May the Lord bless you, your family, your boyfriend! With men it is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible!


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