From Despair to Contentment – Jesus says, “Let Us Go to the Other Side!”

From Despair to Contentment Jesus says Let Us Go to the Other Side

We are going to look at the story of Jesus and His disciples crossing over to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. (Mark 4:35)
On the same day, when evening had come, He said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side”.

Jesus did not say, “Would you be so kind to follow Me and go to the other side?” He did not say, “Folks, would you mind to go to the other side?” He did not ask them to cast a lot and vote, and if the majority won then they would go to the other side. He said, “Let us GO!” God the Father is saying to us, “Go!”

Israel was under the Egyptians’ tyranny and oppression. They did not know anything better. They thought that was the best they could have from their God. They used to that lifestyle. They were overwhelmed by bitterness, unforgiveness, fear, depression. They lived in the land of rejection, being rejected by the nations. They probably thought that God Himself rejected them.

There was no hope, until one day God called Moses and told him to lead Israelites out of the land of Egypt. He said, “It is time for Pharaoh to let my people GO!’

God miraculously led His people out of Egypt, but on their way they were always complaining, wanting to come back. They were thinking that side of the land they were before, was much better, than the land where Moses was leading them to. They even told to Moses, that the land of Egypt was the land flowing with milk and honey. (Numbers 16:13) What? Did they forget they were slaves? Did they forget they were afflicted by Egyptians?

The problem is that we are so used to our way of living, that we do not know any better. We think there is nothing good on another side. That was the problem with Israel. They did not know that over there on the other side, there was a better life, the land flowing with real milk and honey.

They were so used to be slaves, that they could not receive the freedom it was offered to them. For Israel, Egypt was the best land to live in. That was a complete deception. In spite of all the miracles God did in Egypt, in their minds they were grass hoppers. In their minds they were still slaves. In their minds they were seeing themselves yoked to Egyptian rule.

Prophetic Word

The Father says to you: “My child, you have stayed far too long at this side of the land.  This land is called ‘Despair”. I spoke to you by prophets. I send to you my people to encourage you to leave, but you are still here. I am not sending you over to rob you of your peace. I am sending you to the other side that you can enjoy all the good things I have stored up for you.

Leaving is hard, but staying where you are will become much more harder. This is a fantasy land, there is nothing real about it. Do you think you would have what was promised by Me, your Heavenly Father at this side? I must say, and it could hurt, you will get nothing more, and nothing less. This land will makes you vulnerable. The world cannot offer you a good thing. The world has got holes in its pockets.  It promises to help you to live better, but those promises are like ashes under your feet. There is no cost to say something, but your freedom cost Me My Son’s life. Do you think My heart is still not broken seeing My Son on the Cross? I still see Him there. It is for your freedom that My Son has set you free. Then, why do you put yourself under the subjection of your enemies?

This side of the land, where you are, is the land of unforgiveness, rejection, depression, fear, anxiety, anger, poverty. Why do you want to stay there? Why do you want the unforgiveness rule over your life? Isn’t it better to forgive and let it go? I offer you a much better life. The life of being free from fear, the life of gaining freedom from your addiction. I would like to draw your poverty out of your life. What I am offering you now is not on this side of the land. You have to leave.

I am calling you to come over and join Me. I am not promising, you will not have hard times. This is not a perfect world you live in. The redemption will come in due season. But till that time, I would like you to walk in your freedom, and not to be subject to fear, anxiety, rejection, depression. Those are your enemies. Those are the ones who would like to belittle you. Those are the ones who would walk over you.

I am after you, because I do not want you to live in the land of ‘Despair’. I am calling you and taking you to the land of ‘Contentment’. And you are not going on the other side by yourself. I am going with you.

And when it is tough, remind yourself: “Your Father breathed life into you for a big reason. Jesus came to this world for a big reason. Christ brought freedom for a big reason. And that reason is YOU. So, leave all behind, and let US go over to the other side”.

I like the words of the song called, “Rule Britannia”. Those are very powerful words.  Instead of Britannia, I have changed it to different words in the last two lines:

The nations not so blest as thee
Must, in their turn, to tyrants fall,
Must in their turn, to tyrants fall.
While thou shalt flourish great and free:
The dread and envy of them all.

Rule God’s People! God’s People, rule the waves!

Children of God NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shall be slaves!”

We are God’s blessed, holy nation. We do not deserve to be, but God in His mercy adopted us and grafted us in among the others. We are seated in the Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. Never allow yourself to be burdened by anxiety or fear. Never allow to be a slave again. Walk in freedom and at liberty!

Thank you for reading this, if you were blessed, kindly leave a comment below. If you have your testimony, I would like to hear from you. Many thanks. God bless you.

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