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Is your destiny shaped by changing your thoughts, and an outcome of your life dependent on how you think? Would you like your life to be different than it is right now? Will “change your thoughts change your mind” help you to achieve more? What shall you do to start changing your intrusive thoughts? Before we go into some details, I would like to tell you a little story.

A Story About Four T-Shirts

In one clothes shop there were four t-shirts on clothing rail. The t-shirts came from the same factory, same colour and fabric. The factory set the price. It means the evaluation was the same. No t-shirt was differentiated from each other.

The first t-shirt said: “I am a great t-shirt. I have a vibrant colour. When a buyer puts me on,  he will get lots of compliments. People would love to know where he bought me. I will make his day bright and cheerful, and he will never be disappointed of buying me.”

Another t-shirt next to it said: “I am not as brilliant as you, and my colours are not as vibrant. I am just an ordinary one, but if someone buys me, he will feel comfortable wearing me the whole day. I won’t get many compliments, but I promise I will serve a buyer well. There are many people who would like to buy just a normal t-shirt with no special or distinctive features.”

Clothes Shop - A story About Four T-shirts

The third t-shirt said: “I do not want anyone to pick me. I like where I am now. I do not want to be moved out of this nice shop. It is warm, very clean. I am looked after. I do not like changes anyway. Outside is dusty. I will have to go through washing cycles many times. It is good to be here. Only the thought of moving stresses me. I have been on this clothing rail for quite awhile and hope I will not be disturbed.”

The fourth t-shirt was listening and whispered: “I do not think that someone would be interested in me. I am shy, my colours are dull. I am not most comfortable jumper. People will hate me. I think I am ugly. Who would want this unattractive, plain t-shirt? If I had a chance to hide, I would do it. Sadly, I am on this display and people are looking at me. I think the price is too high for me. I am not worthy to be bought. It would be great not to be sewn, and not to go through this struggle.’’

 What Can We Learn from this Story?

This story can teach us a valuable lesson. The four t-shirts had the same value, colours, pattens, but something was differ vastly. The evaluation was not the same. Even they all had the same value in price, but not all had the same value of themselves. Their thoughts differentiated them from each other.

What t-shirt are you? Are you the one who think that you ‘can do’ it, you are brilliant, amazing, and bring joy to people around you and they would want to hang around with you? Are you the one who think that you are just an ordinary one? You serve well, but you have this ‘ordinary’ approach’ to life and extraordinary is not in your mindset. Do you feel you are indifferent? Deep inside you think, you could do more, achieve more, but you are satisfied with where you are, because moving or changes are difficult. Or did you put yourself into the category of ‘ugly, dull, no one will like me, plain’? Do you feel people would not want you to be around because you are unattractive?

What About Me?  What T-shirt was I?

Do our thoughts matter? They certainly do. They will guide us to have an abundant life, or lead to misery. I was the fourth t-shirt. I grew up in a dysfunctional family. I never heard:  “You can do it.” What I knew about myself was I was stupid and would not achieve anything in life. I did not believe in myself at all. Until one day I looked into the mirror of my heart and saw those wounded places which were stopping me to use my gifting and reach my potential.

How can You Change Your Thoughts?

1. Write Down Negative Thoughts. I would suggest to take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts about yourself? Writing is very important.

2. Ask a Question: “Where did negative thoughts come from? Are they coming from me? Or did other people put wrong labels on me?

3. Forgiveness is a very important key if you would like to receive healing. Forgive those who made you think the wrong way or forgive yourself. Say it loud, “I forgive …” and say names.

4. Cry to God! Start with one word: “Help!”. He will be there for you and will help you to overcome ‘negativity’.

5. Surround Yourself with Positive People, who can encourage and support you. Try to avoid toxicity. You need encouragers, people who will lift you up, help you to move from ‘ugly’ into ‘amazing’, from ‘I cannot’ to “I can.’

Words of Encouragement

6. Speak Encouraging Words. How do you want to see yourself?  How do you want your future look like? In the bible there are so many verses which can help you to be positive and stay positive. Examples: “I am chosen of God. I am confident. I am worthy. I am valuable. The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. I am created for a blessing and I will be a blessing to others. I am strengthened by the Lord. Wherever I go I will be successful and I will be blessed.”

7. Catch Negative Thoughts. Start catching those thoughts which are bringing you down and replace them with words of affirmation.

You will be Changed and Others Too

Paul teaches us to centre our mind on good thoughts, and implant them in our heart. Behind each thought there is power, and how you think will shape your life, and your future. Your thoughts can bring life, or they can bring a destruction. How would you want your future be like? I would like to encourage you, not to leave it for tomorrow, but start today reshaping it, and forming something beautiful. Changing your thoughts not only will change your life, but it will change lives, because your life story will help others to reshape their future too.

If you have questions or a story, please leave it in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life”

  1. Hi Haly! I have done what you suggested I have written down my negative thoughts at least the first ones which came to my mind. I didn’t think it would be so challenging. Those thoughts coumaflage among other thoughts when you want to reveal them. But finally I did it and asked for God’s help. Thank you Halyna! It was great exercise for my faith!

    • Hi Iryna, Thanks for your comment and experience. Those steps are so powerful. I practice them and see great changes in me. Even today I had to catch those ‘little foxes’ and replace with the Word of God. It is very challenging indeed, but when you continue practicing, it will become easier and you will see ‘you’ as God sees. Keep it Up!
      Grace and blessings on your path,
      Together We Are Stronger!


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