21 Days of Fasting (Day 8) – Leave the Familiar

This is the 8th day of Fasting and Prayer. The word for today is, “Leave the familiar.” The whole day God was teaching me about faith. In the morning, the Lord reminded me of a …

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21 Days of Fasting (Day 7) – God’s Greatness is Upon You

This is the 7th day of fasting and prayer. The Word for today is God’s greatness is upon you. Prophetic Word: Here is what the Father is saying, “There is nothing to fear. There is …

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21 Days of Fasting (Day 6) – A New Sound is Watering Your Miracle

This the 6th day of Fasting and Prayer.  I am reflecting right now on the day, asking the Lord what He wants to share with you. During the prayer, I saw wind musical instruments making …

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21 Days of Fasting (Day 5) – Rest in God’s Assurance

This is the 5th Day of Fasting and Prayer at Haly Ministires. What have I learnt today? The Lord wants us to enjoy every day, not just Fridays, but Mondays too. I hope you are …

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21 Days of Fasting (Day 4) – From Lamentation to Revelation

I finished reading the book of Jeremiah and Lamentations, and today started the book of Ezekiel. Honestly, I always felt the book of Jeremiah was a long, very long and heartbreaking book. The good news …

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Time to Expand!

Today God reminded me of the promise He gave in 2014 when He told me to move out and start my life anew. But He did not leave me without His promise, His Word. The …

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