Prophetic Word for March 2019

Believe the Word Bible with Gold

The Change of the Season! Get Ready for Your Miracle! I was at Prophetic Conference In January this year, there was a speaker who shared the vision he had. He saw nuggets of gold began …

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God will Strengthen Your Heart!

God is Strength of Your Heart - Bible, Thorns, Heart

Psalm 73: 26: ‘My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and strength of my heart and my portion forever.’ One chase a thousand and two put ten thousands to flight. …

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Whatever Jesus says to You, DO it!


What is God saying to you right now? What is He telling you to do? Do you feel an urgency to fulfil it, but some disruptions come your way and all stays the same as …

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Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Eyes on Jesus - Boy looks up

When the evil forces come against you, do not be afraid. Do not put too much emphasis and your attention on them. Snakes want your attention. They want you to be terrified, they want you …

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Time to Expand!

haly ministries - time to expand isaiah 54

Today God reminded me of the promise He gave in 2014 when He told me to move out and start my life anew. But He did not leave me without His promise, His Word. The …

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