Why is God Giving Me a Hard Time? Why Me, Lord?

Why is God giving me a hard time? I have prayed, fasted, waited, and trusted Him but nothing. I am facing different battles physically and spiritually, yet God is quiet. He’s not answering my prayers, why?  …

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Does God Hear Our Prayers? Here is The Truth!

Does God Hear Our Prayers Here is The Truth - Haly Ministries - Woman Praying

Does God hear our prayers? If so, why hasn’t He answered me yet? Why I am still going through all these challenges, you ask. Well, there are those times when our prayers don’t seem to …

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Why God Chose You? Here is the Answer!

Why God Chose You Here is the Answer - Man Smiling - Haly Ministries

Ever ask yourself why God chose you? Well, if you have, know that you are not alone.   Every real child of God seeks to find answers to this question. We wonder why the Creator of heaven …

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What Does it Mean to Take Up Your Cross Daily?

What Does it Mean to Take Up Your Cross Daily - Haly Ministries

You have definitely heard it said many times in church that you are to take up your cross daily and follow Christ. Many times the message comes across as having to bear a horrible situation, …

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9 Benefits of Serving God

9 Benefits of Serving God - Haly Ministries

Wondering what the benefits of serving God are? You are not alone. Jesus spoke about it in John 12:26. He said that the Father shall honor those who serve Him. Just stop for a moment …

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11 Benefits of Praising God

11 Benefits of Praising God - Haly Ministries

The word of God says, let everything that has breath praise God. We do not need to look for things that we might praise God for. We can always thank God for His marvelous kindness, His …

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